Rylie's Animal Crossing Homepage

Hi! Welcome to my Animal Crossing fan-page.

I've been keen on the series ever since I saw a preview of the Japanese version of the first game. I loved the idea of a game where you just get to do mundane things.

Since then I've played the Gamecube version, Wild World, New Leaf and the Happy Home Designer spin-off, and have recently been infrequently playing Let's Go To The City on the Wii.
I also played Pocket Camp for a bit, but was pretty bored of it by the time the worldwide release rolled round ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I have one two amiibo :0 (KK and Lottie)

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Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City

It's been kinda nice playing this after New Leaf, it's much closer to the Gamecube one, and I haven't been playing it every day or anything, just when the mood strikes.

Current plans for the town are:

I also have my Wii setup to play online with Wiimmfi, so if you want to come visit get in touch!

Friend Code

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

As this is my third Animal Crossing I guess I got a little more adventurous and decided to make a cat town. It helped that amongst my first full set of villagers were already three very nice cats Ankha, Kabuki (my boy), and Kiki (my girl)!
(I think next time I'll go for a duck town :D)

Dream Address

  1. 6E00-0036-8207
  2. 6E00-006C-AF57

My Home


Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

An image of my Happy Home Designer avatar. Wearing the default uniform, with smirky eyes, and a floofy white hairdo.

I haven't played this so much yet, but I like it a bunch!

You met animals and design homes and gardens for them. There're also some places in the town, like a school, shop, etc. you get asked to do. Every place you do unlocks a bunch of relevant items, which you can use from then-on.

The online features are really good. It's easy to visit other homes and to share your own. Was kinda surprised by how well it's done shock emote

Shared Homes

Villager Title Code
Zucker Sugar Market 0620-772-452


Town Tunes

A mainstay of the AC series is the ability to write your own short piece of music that will be used in various ways. For example when the bells ring on the hour, or when you speak to a villager. In each kind of way they will be played at different tempos and with different instruments.


Mark Meaning
Dash Hold / sustain
Dot Rest
Upper-case letter High-range note
Lower-case letter Low-range note
Question mark Random note

My Town Tunes

Some ditties I've written or transcribed across AC games.

Links in the 'Song' column go to Youtube.

Song Notation Notes
c c c b b - b a
a a a c b - - -
AKA: YOU ARE MACH RIDER! From the game Mach Rider.
. a d . c - a
b - g a - . . .
By Akina Nakamori.
e - e - b b b .
e e b a b e e .
By Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
Ride on Time
e - - g g - - e
- e g a b c - .
By Tatsuro Yamashita. Video's always getting taken off Youtube.
Song of Storms
a c a - a c a -
b - c b c b g e
From The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
c - b . B - D G
. . . . . . . .
Just a little doodle.